Welcome to the Muskie School's VAWA MEI on-line training portal.

This portal offers online self-paced tutorials on how to complete the annual or semi-annual progress reporting forms required by the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW). The online tutorials may be viewed in their entirety for a complete training on the form or may be used as a refresher by choosing the section you want to review. 

To begin your online tutorial, click on the "create new account" in the box to the right to create a username and password which you will use every time you access the training portal.  Once you are registered, you may select the appropriate OVW program to start the online self-paced training.


***Also Available:  Live Webinar Sessions

These online self-paced trainings are designed to be used in conjunction with VAWA MEI’s “live” webinars offered periodically throughout the year.  We recommend participating in a webinar sessions if you are a new grantee, have questions for the VAWA MEI trainers, and/or want to hear the experiences of other OVW grantees.  For more information on these webinars, please visit: http://muskie.usm.maine.edu/vawamei/traincal.htm